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In one of the last Film Noir Foundation public events before the Coronavirus curtain dropped in March, Eddie Muller hosted an evening with multifaceted writer-director David Mamet at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, CA, as part of NOIR CITY: HOLLYWOOD 2020. The latest issue of the NOIR CITY e-mag (#29) shares the highlights from this spirited conversation between Muller and the filmmaker he introduced as "America's greatest living storyteller." Adding depth to the issue's Mamet storyline are writings from Ray Banks, Jake Hinkson and Vince Keenan.

Stellar contributions, among many, this quarter from the e-mag's all-star bullpen include: Imogen Sara Smith on film noir in post-WWII Japan, Jake Hinkson reveals actress Elsa Lanchester's contributions to film noir, and Brian Light provides the Book vs. Film comparison of Odds Against Tomorrow.


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NOIR CITY E-mag Excerpts


Second Wind: The Reinvention of Jose Giovanni

Imogen Sara Smith delves into the criminal past of French novelist, screenwriter and director, José Giovanni. Did he deserve what he claimed for himself regarding his crimes, "forgiveness and oblivion"? READ

Zachary Scott's Gilded Cage

Farran Smith examines Scott's career playing morally corrupt, posh men determined to keep themselves in the style they felt entitled to and the affect this type casting had on Scott professionally and personally. READ

Noir or not: Black Caesar


Steve Kronenberg disputes the labeling of 1973's Black Caesar as a 'blaxploation'. He examines the influences on writer/producer/director Larry Cohen's film from the classic era of Hollywood as well as contemporary crime pictures. READ

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