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Just in time for Noirvember, it's Issue 27 of the NOIR CITY e-mag. Filled to bursting with all manner of dark delights to keep you company as shadows start to lengthen.

Cover girl Gene Tierney is beloved for her turns in films like Laura and Leave Her to Heaven. Steve Kronenberg's sensitive profile of the actress goes beyond the facade to tell the true story of her life, a harrowing tale of heartbreak, mental illness, and ultimately redemption.

Nuclear noir is more than just whatever's in the box in Kiss Me Deadly. John Wranovics, in his latest scrupulously-researched story, unearths a tangle of connections between several filmmakers of the 1940s and '50s and actual atomic age secrets.

Literary legend Graham Greene: noir powerhouse? Sharon Knolle mounts a persuasive case for Greene to be considered alongside Hammett, Chandler, and Cain with a survey of films based on Greene's novels or scripted by the man himself. Featuring a bonus Book vs. Film by David Klowden on the transformation of Greene's A Gun for Sale into 1942's This Gun for Hire.

Amnesia, quipped scribe Lee Server, is film noir's version of the common cold. And nothing delivers a blind spot in the memory like an evening of over-indulgence. So, belly up to the bar for Jake Hinkson's look at the role booze and blackouts play in noir. As a chaser, Vince Keenan stares down The Lost Weekend and asks the timeless question: Noir or Not?

And there's plenty more on the menu in the 90-plus pages of Issue 27 of the NOIR CITY e-magazine. → VIEW THE ISSUE 27's TABLE OF CONTENTS

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NOIR CITY E-mag Excerpts


The Chicago Way

Alan K. Rode examines how the Mob and the movie studios sold out the Hollywood labor movement and set the stage for the Blacklist. READ


Vince Keenan spoke with You Must Remember This podcast producer and Howard Hughes biographer Karina Longworth about Hughes' life and work, beginning with his impact on film noir. READ

Neville Brand


Carol Saint Martin pays tribute to one of the cinema's greatest heavies who was a battlefield hero before giving memorable performances in D.O.A., Kansas City Confidential and Riot in Cell Block 11. READ

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