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Steven C. Smith

Steven C. Smith Interviewed
by Alan K. Rode

Bernard Herrmann was spotlighted at the 2015 Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival in Palm Springs, California with a screening of HANGOVER SQUARE (1945) that featured the legendary composer's "Concerto Macabre." After the film, festival producer and host Alan K. Rode interviewed Steven C. Smith "A Heart at Fire's Center: The Life and Music of Bernard Herrmann" on the main stage at the Camelot Theaters. (3 parts.)

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Norman Lloyd

Norman Lloyd Interviewed
by Alan K. Rode

In 2015, the one and only Norman Lloyd returned to the Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival in Palm Springs for a screening of Joseph Losey's M (1951). After the film, host Alan K. Rode elicited a memorable anecdote from the irrepressible centenarian about the great Charles Laughton that brought the house down. (3 parts.)

Gordon Gebert

Gordon Gebert Interviewed
by Alan K. Rode

Gordon Gebert who appeared in Holiday Affair (1949), The House on Telegraph Hill (1951), and The Narrow Margin (1952) reminisced about working opposite Dan Duryea after a screening of Chicago Calling (1951) at the 2015 Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival in Palm Springs, California. The former child actor who is now a distinguished architect and professor also discussed his career as a Hollywood child actor with producer & host Alan K. Rode. (3 parts.)

J.R. Jones

J.R. Jones Interviewed
by Alan K. Rode

Author J.R. Jones spoke with host-producer Alan K. Rode about his new biography, THE LIVES OF ROBERT RYAN, after a screening of On Dangerous Ground (1951) at the 2015 Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival in Palm Springs. (3 parts.)

Stephen Bogart

Stephen Bogart
Interviewed by Eddie Muller

Stephen Bogart, son of legendary icons Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, made a special appearance during the opening weekend of NOIR CITY Hollywood on Saturday night, April 4, presenting his parents' 1947 noir Dark Passage, as well as the new neo-noir This Last Lonely Place, which he executive produced. Watch Eddie Muller's interview with the droll raconteur! (2 parts.)

Jon Polito

Jon Polito Interview
with Alan K. Rode

The Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival opened its 16th edition on this past May with a screening of the Coen brothers' classic Miller's Crossing (1990). Renowned character actor Jon Polito (a Coen Bros. fixture) joined festival producer and host Alan K. Rode onstage to discuss his role in the acclaimed gangster saga, as well as his expansive career on stage, screen and television. (3 parts.)

Patricia Morison

Patricia Morison Interview
with Alan K. Rode

Patricia Morison, who starred in the original Broadway production of Kiss Me Kate as well as a plethora of movies and plays, recently celebrated her 100th birthday. Ms. Morison was a special guest at the 2015 edition of NOIR CITY: Hollywood where she introduced a screening of The Fallen Sparrow with host Alan K. Rode. (2 parts.)

Norman Lloyd

Norman Lloyd Interview
with Alan K. Rode

Legendary actor-director Norman Lloyd celebrated his 100th birthday with a centennial appearance at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica, hosted by Alan K. Rode on November 21, 2014. Hollywood's greatest raconteur regaled the audience with an anecdote-laden conversation between screenings of Saboteur and A Walk in the Sun. (3 parts.)

Barbara Hale

Barbara Hale Interview
with Alan K. Rode

Barbara Hale made a rare appearance on stage with host Alan K. Rode after a screening of The Window (1949) at the 2014 Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival in Palm Springs. The still-vivacious star reminisced about her early years at RKO that resulted in a notable movie career followed by her iconic portrayal of Della Street in the long-running Perry Mason TV show and movie series. (4 parts.)

Victoria Wilson

Victoria Wilson Interview with Foster Hirsch

Barbara Stanwyck, arguably the first lady of noir, is an enduring Hollywood icon. After a screening of Sorry, Wrong Number at the Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival, Foster Hirsch interviews Victoria Wilson, senior editor at Alfred Knopf, about her monumental biography, A Life of Stanwyck, Steel-True 1907-1940. (3 parts.)

Susie Lancaster and Kate Buford

Susie Lancaster and Kate Buford
Interview with Alan K. Rode

Burt Lancaster remains one of the icons of cinema whose indelible presence endures on the big screen. After a screening of The Killers (1946) Alan K. Rode discusses Lancaster's life and career with author Kate Buford, Burt Lancaster: An American Life and Susie Lancaster, Burt's widow at the 2014 Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival. (3 parts.)

Terry Moore

Terry Moore interview
with Eddie Muller

Terry Moore, ageless star of Shack Out on 101, engages Film Noir Foundation prez Eddie Muller in a fun—and at times inexplicable—interview following the film's screening at the 2014 Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival. Terry discusses her patriotic feelings for the film, her recent role in HBO's True Detective, and a lifetime in-between. (2 parts.)

Susan Andrews

Susan Andrews interview
with Alan K. Rode

Laura (1944) is one of the classic American films and remains cinematic ground zero for film noir fans. At the 2014 Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival, host Alan K. Rode chatted with Susan Andrews, daughter of the film's star Dana Andrews. Susan conversed with superb insight about her father's life and career including recalling what it was like to grow up in Hollywood as the daughter of a major movie star. (3 parts.)

Nancy Olson

Nancy Olson interview
with Alan K. Rode

Actress Nancy Olson was 20 years old when she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for portraying 22 year old Betty Schaefer in the Sunset Boulevard in 1950. Both the film, shown at the 2014 Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival, and Nancy Olson-Livingston appear to be ageless. During a post-screening discussion with host Alan K. Rode, Olson reflected about one of the greatest films ever made and reminisced about her life and career. (3 parts.)

Stuart Whitman

Stuart Whitman interview
with Alan K. Rode

Stuart Whitman is one of the last of a breed of rugged Hollywood leading men who rose to stardom through the old Hollywood studio system. An Academy Award nominee for The Mark and the star of numerous features in the 1960's, Whitman visited the Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival in Palm Springs to introduce a screening of his film Murder Inc (1960) and chat with host Alan K. Rode after the film. (2 parts.)

Marsha Hunt

Marsha Hunt 2013 interview
with Alan K. Rode

The incomparable Marsha Hunt joined festival host and producer Alan K. Rode on stage at the Camelot Theatre in Palm Springs following the screening of Mary Ryan, Detective (1949) at the 2013 Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival. Ever-charming, witty and possessed of prodigious recall at 95 years young, Miss Hunt reminisced about her storied acting resume, the ordeal of the Blacklist and her career as an activist and crusader for social justice. (3 parts.)

Michael Lindsay-Hogg

Michael Lindsay-Hogg interview
with Eddie Muller

"The Most Interesting Man In the World?" That just might be writer-producer-director Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who discusses film noir, rock and roll, Geraldine Fitzgerald (his mother), and being the illegitimate son of the legendary Orson Welles. With Eddie Muller, following a screening of his mother's film Three Strangers at the Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival in Palm Springs, 2013 (3 parts.)

Jimmy Lydon

Jimmy Lyndon interview
with Alan K. Rode

Jimmy Lydon first hit his marks on Broadway back in 1937, before embarking on a seven-decade Hollywood career as an actor, producer and writer. The loquacious jack-of-all-trades reminisced about his extraordinary life and career with host Alan K. Rode after a screening of Strange Illusion (1945) at the Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival in Palm Springs, May 2013. (3 parts.)

Patricia Ward Kelly

Patricia Ward Kelly interview with
Alan K. Rode

Biographer and film historian Patricia Ward Kelly, the widow of screen immortal Gene Kelly, joined producer/host Alan K. Rode for a post screening discussion of Christmas Holiday (1944) at the 2013 Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival in Palm Springs. Mrs. Kelly's eloquence and wit concerning what was certainly the most intriguing movie of Gene Kelly's career progressed into a lively conversation about her husband's life and her own role as the trustee of Gene Kelly's legacy. (3 parts.)

Joan Evans

Joan Evans interview with Foster Hirsch

Following the screening of Edge of Doom at the 2013 Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival, actress Joan Evans speaks with film historian Foster Hirsch about the film with a new perspective, seeing it with fresh eyes after many years. She talks about working with co-star Farley Granger, who disliked the film, and Samuel Goldwyn, and compares her own feelings about both to those of her disgruntled co-star. Ms. Evans recalls the changes that were made in this "Catholic" noir to avoid censorship from the Catholic Legion of Decency. She talks about her later career, post-Goldwyn, and reveals why she retired in 1961. (3 parts.)

Peggy Cummins

Peggy Cummins with Eddie Muller

Following the opening night screening of Joseph H. Lewis' Gun Crazy at NOIR CITY 11 in 2013, Eddie Muller sat down with star Peggy Cummins to discuss both the making of the film and the enduring love audiences across the world have for this extraordinary film. Ms. Cummins also delves into how she won and lost the starring role of Forever Amber, the film that brought her to Hollywood. She discusses her acting career before and after Hollywood, including her inauspicious stage debut at Dublin's legendary Gate Theatre when she was still a child. (3 parts.)

Robert Dix

Robert Dix interview with Alan K. Rode

Actor Robert Dix discusses his father's legacy as well as his life as the son of a famous star who also became a respected actor between a double bill of The Power of the Whistler and Voice of the Whistler during NOIR CITY, HOLLYWOOD at the Egyptian Theatre in April 2010. (2 parts.)

Karen Sharpe Kramer

Karen Sharpe Kramer interview
with Alan K. Rode

The films of Hugo Haas with femme fatale Cleo Moore created a unique noir oeuvre during the 1950s. With an introduction by Eddie Muller to Haas' Strange Fascination (1952), Alan K. Rode discussed the film afterwards with former actress Karen Sharpe Kramer who is also the caretaker of producer/director Stanley Kramer estate and legacy. (3 parts.)

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