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VIDEO ARCHIVES The Film Noir Foundation has an ever expanding catalog of noir-related video, ranging from exclusive interviews, to NOIR CITY guest appearances, to short films inspired by film noir. View our latest offerings.


Confessions From The Dark City: A Film Noir Podcast is devoted to the exploration and appreciation of film noir. Each episode examines one particular film from the noir cycle. »GO TO SITE.

The Unusual Suspects


The one and only Bob Dylan speaks in this audio clip about noir and one of noir's darkest literary inspirations, Cornell Wolrich. (2.5mins, mp3 format) »PLAY.


The Unusual Suspects


Listen to a fabulous BBC Radio program exploring a little-known facet of noir icon Robert Mitchum — his poetry. This 30-minute program features an amazing array of interviews, including producer Stanley Rubin and FNF president Eddie Muller, as well as some astounding archival recordings of Mitchum himself. »PLAY. (RealAudio)

Farley Granger interviewed by Eddie Muller AUDIO STREAM

On stage with Eddie Muller at the opening night of the January 2006 NOIR CITY, following a sold-out showing of Strangers on a Train, Farley Granger talks about working with Hitchcock in this excerpt from the interview. (RealAudio)

The Unusual Suspects

The Unusual Suspects

Can you help the Film Noir Foundation track down 35mm prints or elements from this "Most Wanted" list of missing noir films?

What is Noir?

The vivid co-mingling of lost innocence, doomed romanticism, hard-edged What is Noir? cynicism, desperate desire, and shadowy sexuality unleashed in those immediate post-war years proved hugely influential, both among industry peers in the original era, and to future generations of storytellers, both literary and cinematic” »READ

FNF Beginnings

Alan Rode, senior staff writer for Filmmonthly sat down with Alan Rode interviews Eddie MullerFilm NoirFoundation president Eddie Muller in late 2005 to discuss the mission and progress of the newly-formed non-profit corporation. The “Czar of Noir” was clearly in an ebullient mood over the success of his two 2005 noir film festivals and recent events concerning the Film Noir Foundation. »READ


FNF Mailbox

The Foundation posts the most interesting correspondence it receives from around the world, with an emphasis on how noir films have shaped and affected the lives of viewers. Go here to view selections from the Mailbox as well as submit your own message.

New Noir Podcast Debuts

NoirTalk podcast NOIR TALK is a podcast devoted to discussing the Film Noir Foundation, produced and hosted by Haggai Elitzur, a longtime supporter of the Foundation and NOIR CITY. For the May episode Haggai Elitzur sits down with film critic and historian Imogen Sara Smith, who is also a regular contributor to NOIR CITY e-magazine. Elitzur and Smith discuss her commentary track for the new DVD/Blu-ray release of The Scar (aka Hollow Triumph) including the central role of star/producer/director Paul Henreid and the contributions of cinematographer John Alton. They also talk about Imogen's NOIR CITY e-magazine articles "Wanted Man: The Fugitive" from the current issue and "A Light in the Dark: Ella Raines and Film Noir's Working Girls" from the Fall 2015 issue. The discussion then turns to Smith's book In Lonely Places: Film Noir Beyond the City, which focuses on classic films noir set outside cities and how that noir sub-genre reflected post-war trends in the U.S. The podcast concludes with a discussion of the film series that Imogen programmed in connection with her book. You can listen either on SoundCloud or on iTunes. Mobile users on Android can subscribe to the podcast using the RSS feed.

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