Film Noir and Neo Noir on TCM: July 2017

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Saturday, July 1, 3:00 PM

BADLANDS (1973): After a charismatic James Dean wannabe (Martin Sheen) kills her dad, a baton-twirling teen (Sissy Spaceck) decides to join him on a shooting spree through Montana's badlands. It's loosely based on the Starkweather-Fugate killings of the 1950's which also inspired Bruce Springsteen's album Nebraska and the key back story in Peter Jackson's The Frighteners (1996). Dir. Terrence Malick

Saturday, July 1, 9:00 PM

NOBODY LIVES FOREVER (1946): John Garfield is a shady ex-GI hooked up in a plot to bilk a war widow (gorgeous Geraldine Fitzgerald). When he falls for her, the gang wants them both dead. Director Jean Negulesco ladels atmospherics onto W. R. Burnett's witty screenplay. Great support from Walter Brennan, George Coulouris, Faye Emerson, and George Tobias. Dir. Jean Negulesco

Sunday, July 2, 12:45 AM

THE BAD SEED (1956): "What will you give me for a basket of kisses?" Based on the stage play adapted from the brilliant novel by William March, Army wife Christine (Nancy Kelly) suspects that her seemingly perfect little girl Rhoda (Patty McCormack) is a ruthless killer. Eileen Heckart shines in her Oscar nominated supporting role as the alcoholic mother of one of Rhoda's victims. This truly terrifying film will make you look twice at all cute little blonde girls. Kelly and McCormack as well as cinematographer Harold Rosson were nominated for Oscars as well as Heckart. Dir. Mervyn LeRoy


Sunday, July 2, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

THEY LIVE BY NIGHT (1949): Nicholas Ray's fiercely romantic noir about a young innocent, Farley Granger who gets mixed-up with hardened criminals and a violent escape after serving an unjust prison sentence. Cathy O'Donnell plays the girl who becomes his lover in an ill-fated romance. Dir. Nicholas Ray

Monday, July 3, 7:15 AM

THE BRIBE (1949): A sultry singer (Ava Gardner) tries to tempt a federal agent (Robert Taylor) from the straight-and-narrow while he investigates an arms surplus racket on a small South American island. Charles Laughton and Vincent Price menace him. Dir. Robert Z. Leonard

Wednesday, July 5, 3:00 AM—1:00 PM

Fritz Lang Noir Quintet

3:00 AM

HANGMEN ALSO DIE! (1943): This film, based on a story by Bertolt Brecht, fictionalizes the true story of a Czech resistance fighter's assassination of the SS General Reinhard Heydrich, his subsequent flight and the Nazi reprisals against the people who hid him. Cinematography by the legendry James Wong Howe contributes much to the film. Dir. Fritz Lang

5:30 AM

SCARLET STREET (1945): A henpecked cashier and weekend painter, Christopher Cross (Edward G. Robinson), falls for heartless tramp Kitty (Joan Bennett) whom he meets by chance. She and her pimp/boyfriend Johnny (Dan Duryea) play the sucker for everything he has. Then Chris starts to embezzle to keep his lady love happy and things go from bad to worse. Dir. Fritz Lang

7:30 AM

CLASH BY NIGHT (1952): A In this film noir social realism hybrid, an embittered and world weary woman (Barbara Stanwyck) seeks escape from her life of hard knocks in marriage, only to fall for her husband's amoral best friend (Robert Ryan). The film features a small but nice early role for Marilyn Monroe. Based on a play by the ever ponderous Clifford Odets. Dir. Fritz Lang

9:30 AM

WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS (1956): The owner of a big city news conglomerate dies, leaving it to his ne'er-do-well son (Vincent Price). Said son decides to create a competition among the heads of each department: Dana Andrews, George Sanders, Thomas Mitchell and James Craig. Whoever can discover the identity of the "Lipstick Killer" terrorizing the city will be the new executive editor. Ids Lupino gives a memorable performance as a cynical reporter in cahoots with Sanders. Dir. Fritz Lang

11:30 AM

BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT (1956): At the behest of his future father-in law, newspaper editor Austin Spenser, Tom Garret (Dana Andrews)—a novelist and opponent of capital punishment—frames himself for the murder of a stripper to prove the fallibility of circumstantial evidence. The pair callously decides against taking Garret's fiancée (Joan Fontaine) into their confidence. Dir. Fritz Lang

Wednesday, July 5, 2:45 PM

THE GETAWAY (1972): In this first big screen adaptation of Jim Thompson's novel, a husband (Steve McQueen) and wife (Ali McGraw) meet a series of misadventures after a bank heist and the wife's shooting of the mastermind of the robbery who double crossed them. Stars McQueen and McGraw fell in love during the course of the shooting. Walter Hill penned the screenplay. Dir. Sam Peckinpah

Wed., July 05, 5:00 PM—Thu., July 6, 8:30 AM

TCM Spotlight: 50 Years of Hitchcock I

5:00 PM

THE RING (1927): This early silent boxing movie shows all the moves that would make Hitchcock a champ. Carnival journeyman boxer Jack "One Round" Sander (Carl Brisson) fights his ways through the ranks as his lover Mabel (Lillian Hall-Davis) succumbs to the charms of professional boxer Bob Corby (Ian Hunter). Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

6:45 PM

DOWNHILL (1927): In this early silent film by the master of suspense, the black sheep (Ivor Novello) of a prosperous family's life begins its downward spiral when he is expelled from school after shielding a friend from punishment. Following several desultory adventures, he weds a faithless actress (Isabel Jeans), she doesn't improve things. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

8:15 PM

THE FARMER'S WIFE (1928): In this silent comedy, a middle-aged widower (Jameson Thomas) with a profitable farm decides to remarry but finds choosing a suitable mate a problematic process. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

10:15 PM

CHAMPAGNE (1928): In this early silent outing by Hitch, a wealthy man (Gordon Harker) pretends to be bankrupt to teach his daughter (Betty Balfour) a lesson. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

12:00 AM

THE MANXMAN (1929): Hitchcock's final silent film portrays a "romantic triangle" on the Isle of Man between a local fisherman named Pete (Carl Brisson), a law student named Philip (Malcolm Keen), and a beautiful village girl named Kate. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

2:00 AM

BLACKMAIL (1929): Alice White (Anny Ondra) blows off a date with her steady beau Detective Frank Webber (John Longden) to see a charming young artist. The artist talks her into coming up to his studio and she kills him when he attempts to rape her. The next day, Frank discovers Alice's glove at the crime scene and removes the evidence. A blackmailer (Donald Calthrop) who can place Alice at the scene of the crime then confronts the pair. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

3:45 AM

MURDER! (1930): Juror Sir John Menier (Herbert Marshall) who had voted to convict murder suspect Diana Baring (Norah Baring) tries to prove someone else did it before the execution date. The police found Diana near the body of her friend and fellow actress Edna and all the circumstantial evidence points to her. As Menier investigates, he suspects Diana's boyfriend who works as a cross-dressing acrobat. What more could you ask for? Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

5:30 AM

THE SKIN GAME (1931): A rich family, the Hillcrests, is fighting against the speculator, Hornblower (Edmund Gwen), who sends away poor farmers to build factories on their lands. When Mrs. Hillcrest (Helen Haye) finds out that Chloe Hornblower (Phyllis Konstam) was a prostitute, she uses this secret to blackmail the speculator and force him to stop his business. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

7:00 AM

RICH AND STRANGE (1932) Fred and Emily Hill (Henry Kendall and Joan Barry) are a happy young married couple leading a rather dreary life in London. They inherit a fortune and try to realize all their dreams. They depart for a cruise, travelling in a manner as befits their new status, but soon find themselves losing their true selves in their fabulous new life. (Aka East of Shanghai) Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

Thursday, July 6, 9:00 AM—2:45 PM

Janet Leigh Noir Triple Bill

9:00 AM

PSYCHO (1960): Miriam Crane (Janet Leigh) impulsively embezzles $10,000 dollars from her employer and takes it on the lam. She checks into the Bates Motel, meets the queer but attractive Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), takes a shower and makes cinematic history. A detective (Martin Balsam), Miriam's sister (Vera Miles) and her boyfriend (John Gavin) all arrive to look for the missing Miriam. Long time Hitchcock collaborator Bernard Herrmann created the rightfully legendary score. The immensely talented old time radio actress Virginia Gregg provides the voice of Norman's mother Norma Bates. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

11:00 AM

THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (1969): (1963): In this late era noir, an ex-G.I. (Frank Sinatra) slowly begins to realize that he was brainwashed by the Koreans while he was a P.O.W. He soon suspects that his former comrade in arms (Laurence Harvey), who is also the step-son of a presidential candidate, is being manipulated by the Communists. Dir. John Frankenheimer

1:15 PM

ACT OF VIOLENCE (1949): An embittered veteran (Robert Ryan) tracks down Frank R. Enley, a POW camp informer (Van Heflin) now a respected member of his community. Mary Astor steals the film as the boozy bar fly and prostitute trying to help Enley. Dir. Fred Zinnemann

Friday, July 7, 5:15 AM—5:00 PM

Anthony Mann Marathon

Here are the noirs...

5:15 AM

TWO O'CLOCK COURAGE (1945): An amnesiac (Tom Conway) discovers he's wanted for murder. Ann Rutherford plays the spunky cab driver who helps him. Dir. Anthony Mann

6:30 AM

BORDER INCIDENT (1949): Mexican and American policemen, Ricardo Montalban and George Murphy, combine efforts to try to crack down on the illegal immigration racket. Simply stunning cinematography by the great John Alton and some truly brutal violence makes this a rare sample of agrarian noir. Watch for noir icon Charles McGraw in a supporting role playing the heavy's henchman. Dir. Anthony Mann

8:30 AM

SIDE STREET (1950): A New York City mailman (Farley Granger) dreams of taking his wife (Cathy O'Donnell) to Europe. So, he steals a shipment of dirty money and soon finds himself pursued by both cops and crooks. Dir. Anthony Mann

11:15 AM

RAW DEAL (1948): Ostensibly a revenge tale of a hoodlum (Dennis O'Keefe) breaking out of jail to wreak revenge on the criminal boss (Raymond Burr) that betrayed him, the heart of this film is its tragic but realistic love triangle. Seemingly good-girl Marsha Hunt and seemingly bad-girl Claire Trevor struggle for the love of O'Keefe' homme fatale, all three characters and their relationships prove much more morally and emotionally complex than expected. Stunning visuals provided by the iconic Hollywood noir cinematographer John Alton. Dir. Anthony Mann

Friday, July 7, 5:00 PM—Saturday, July 8, 3:00 AM

TCM Spotlight: 50 Years of Hitchcock II

5:00 PM

NUMBER 17 (1932): A gang of thieves gather at a safe house following a robbery, but a detective is on their trail. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

6:30 PM

THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (1934):The daughter of an Olympic skeet shooter is kidnapped by spies when her husband uncovers information that threatens their assassination plot. The husband decides to act on his own to rescue their daughter, but it's mum who ultimately saves the day. Peter Lorre is a standout as a villainous conspirator in his first role after fleeing Germany. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

8:00 PM

THE 39 STEPS (1935): When a beautiful double agent he was trying to help gets killed, and he stands accused of the crime, vacationing Canadian Richard Hannay (Robert Donat) must go on the run across the U.K. both to save himself and to stop a spy ring trying to steal top-secret information. Along the way he handcuffs himself to lovely lass (Madeline Caroll) who thinks he's a bad'un. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

9:45 PM

THE LADY VANISHES (1938): A young bride-to-be Iris (Margaret Lockwood), traveling across Europe by train, meets a charming spinster Miss Froy (Dame May Whitty), who then disappears into thin air. When no believes Miss Froy even existed outside Iris' imagination, she turns investigator and finds herself drawn into a complex web of mystery and high adventure. A young musicologist (Michael Redgrave) helps her with her quest. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

11:45 PM

JAMAICA INN (1939): A young woman (Maureen O'Hara) moves to the Cornish coast to live with her aunt (Marie Ney). She stumbles onto a ring of bloodthirsty scavengers, led by her uncle (Leslie Banks). She also has to deal with the local squire (Charles Laughton) who is enchanted by her beauty. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

1:30 AM

AVENTURE MALGACHE (1944): In this French language propaganda short made for the British Ministry, Paul Clarus, a French actor (played by himself) is chatting with his fellow actors (the "Molière Players") as they put on their makeup before a performance. He reminisces about a very unpleasant Vichy official, the Chef de la Sûreté (Paul Bonifas) that he knew when he was part of the Resistance on the island of Madagascar during the Second World War. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

2:15 AM

BON VOYAGE (1944): In the first half of this short, an RAF officer tells the story of his daring escape from the Nazis. The second half seeds doubts about the officer's tale. This was the first of two French-language propaganda shorts that Alfred Hitchcock made in 1944 for the Ministry of Information as morale-boosters for the French Resistance. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock


Sunday, July 9, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

T-MEN (1948): Director Anthony Mann and cinematographer John Alton— king of chiaroscuro — pull out all the stops in relating the intensely exciting and shockingly brutal tale of U.S. Treasury agents, led by the redoubtable Dennis O'Keefe, going undercover to infiltrate a cadre of counterfeiters. Great character bits from Charles McGraw and Wallace Ford in a vivid script by crime scribe John C. Higgins. One of the most artfully arresting visual spectacles of the original film noir era! The film earned an Oscar nomination for Best Sound, Recording. Dir. Anthony Mann

Sunday, July 9, 9:00 AM

THE HARDER THEY FALL (1956): A cynical press agent (Humphrey Bogart) tempted by the money, goes to work as a PR flak for the corrupt manager of a naïve boxer. He then must decide between the dough and exposing the inhuman conditions rife in the boxing game. DP Burnett Guffey earned an Oscar nomination for Best Cinematography, Black-and-White for his work on the film. Dir. Mark Robson

Tuesday, July 11, 12:30 AM

NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959): Foreign agents mistake suave and swinging advertising man Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) for a spy. He takes it on the lam and encounters a beautiful blonde (Eva Marie Saint) who may or may not be trusted. This film earned 3 Oscar nominations: Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color; Best Writing, Story and Screenplay - Written Directly for the Screen; and Best Film Editing Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

Wed., July 12, 5:00 PM — Thur., July 13, 3:15 AM

TCM Spotlight: 50 Years of Hitchcock III

5:00 PM

REBECCA (1940): Hitchcock adapted Daphne du Maurier's novel for his first American film which won Oscars for Best Cinematography and Best Picture. Joan Fontaine was nominated for an Oscar for her performance as the unnamed lead character who marries the older, rich and charming widower Max De Winter (Laurence Olivier) whose first wife Rebecca casts a destructive shadow on his second marriage. Judith Anderson also earned an Oscar nomination for supporting actress for her knockout performance as Mrs. Danvers, the housekeeper still deeply devoted to her dead mistress. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

7:30 PM

FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT (1940): An American reporter (Joel McCrea) covering the war in Europe gets mixed up in the assassination of a Dutch diplomat which leads to his uncovering a political conspiracy with the aid of the daughter (Laraine Day) of a prominent politician (Herbert Marshall) and a chap named ffolliott "with two small 'f's" (George Sanders), his rival for the girl's affection. This tremendously entertaining film features several vintage Hitchcock set pieces. The film was nominated for six Oscars. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

9:45 PM

MR. AND MRS. SMITH (1941): The Master of Suspense's only foray into screwball comedy concerns a contentious married couple (Carole Lombard and Robert Montgomery) who find out that after three years of marital non-bliss that they aren't legally married. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

11:30 PM

SUSPICION (1941): A handsome gambler Johnny Aysgarth (Cary Grant) pursues the shy and wealthy Lina McLaidlaw (Joan Fontaine). He courts and marries her. After the honeymoon she discovers unsettling things about his character. She becomes increasingly suspicious of him when Johnny's friend and business partner, Beaky (Nigel Bruce) dies mysteriously. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

1:15 AM

SABOTEUR (1942) Aircraft factory worker Barry Kane (Robert Cummings) goes on the run across the United States when he is wrongly accused of starting a fire that killed his best friend. He finds love along the way with a girl (Priscilla Lane) who's positive he's guilty. Can he clear himself and win her love? The film is full of quirky touches (my favorite an abductee is charged for a milkshake by her captors), unusual supporting characters (Norman Lloyd and Otto Kruger among others), and some outstanding set pieces, including the famous Statue of Liberty finale. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

Thursday, July 13, 7:00 AM

THE SEVENTH VICTIM (1943): A young woman (Kim Hunter) leaves school to investigate the disappearance of her beautiful and mysterious older sister (Jean Brooks). She finds out some interesting facts, one, her sister was married and two, she was part of a satanic set. The husband (Hugh Beaumont), a poet (Erford Gage) and a psychiatrist (Tom Conway) aid her search for the truth about her sister. Produced by horror icon Val Lewton. Dir. Mark Robson

Thursday, July 13, 12:45 PM

THE LEOPARD MAN (1943): Legendary B horror producer Val Lewton strays into noir territory with this suspenseful tale of a leopard on the prowl for human prey in a small New Mexican town. The night club performer (Jean Brooks) responsible for letting the leopard loose and her manager (Dennis O'Keefe), who dreamed up the stunt, began to suspect that a man, and not the leopard, is actually responsible for the deaths of several young women. Based on Cornell Woolrich's novel, Black Alibi. Dir. Jacques Tourneur

Friday, July 14, 1:45 PM

KID GLOVE KILLER (1942): It's CSI: Hollywood, 1942 in this ultra-rarity, as the delightful and delectable Marsha Hunt plays a police forensics expert caught between cop Van Heflin and gangster Lee Bowman. Dir. Fred Zinneman

Friday, July 14, 5:00 PM—Saturday, July 15, 3:30 AM

TCM Spotlight: 50 Years of Hitchcock IV

5:00 PM

SHADOW OF A DOUBT (1943): A young girl, Teresa Wright, fears her favorite uncle may be a killer, Joseph Cotten in the best performance of his career. "Do you know the world is a foul sty? Do you know, if you rip off the fronts of houses, you'd find swine? The world's a hell. What does it matter what happens in it?" Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

7:00 PM

LIFEBOAT (1944): In this bottle feature, seven survivors of a shipwreck must decide whether to trust the German member of the U-Boat that torpedoed their ship, and left them all stranded in a tiny lifeboat, as he is the only one among them with seafaring skills. The moral calculations each must make motor this thriller to a satisfying conclusion. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

9:00 PM

SPELLBOUND (1945): A beautiful psychiatrist (Ingrid Bergman) shields an equally beautiful amnesic (Gregory Peck) who's pretending to be the new doctor at the sanatorium that she works at. Can she help him recover his memory and find out what happened to the doctor he's impersonating? This David O. Selznick production features a dream sequence by Salvador Dali. Composer Miklós Rózsa won an Oscar for his score. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

11:15 PM

NOTORIOUS (1946): Ruthless but attractive U.S. government agent T.R. Devlin (Cary Grant) recruits party girl Alicia (Ingrid Bergman), the daughter of a German spy who committed suicide in prison, to infiltrate a Nazi spy ring in post-WW2 Brazil. In this morally grey but thrilling espionage tale by Ben Hecht, love plays second fiddle to duty: Alicia makes the supreme sacrifice and marries suspected ringleader Alexander (Claude Rains) to aid her lover Devlin's mission. Rains and Leopoldine Konstantin (who plays Alexander's overly devoted mum) steal the picture from one of the most gorgeous romantic pairs of all time with their sterling performances. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

1:15 AM

THE PARADINE CASE (1948): In this court room drama, a married lawyer (Gregory Peck) falls for the woman (Alida Valli) he's defending on the charge of murdering her husband. The supporting cast includes Ann Todd as his wife, Louis Jordan as the possible motive for the crime, Charles Laughton as the presiding judge, Ethel Barrymore as the judge's wife and Leo G. Carroll as the the Crown's prosecutor. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

Saturday, July 15, 12:45 PM

TOPAZ (1969): A complicated espionage thriller involving a Soviet spy in French General De Gaulle's retinue, drawn from Leon Uris's novel. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

Saturday, July 15, 7:15 PM—11:30 PM

Noir Romance On Screen and Off

7:15 PM

TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT (1944): Watch Bogie and Baby fall in love on and off the screen in this classic adventure tale. A skipper-for-hire's romance, Humphrey Bogart, with a beautiful drifter and bar singer, Lauren Bacall, is complicated by his growing involvement with the French resistance. Walter Brennan plays the drunken first mate and Hoagie Carmichael plays Bacall's accompanist. Dir. Howard Hawks

9:15 PM

THE GETAWAY (1972): In this first big screen adaptation of Jim Thompson's novel, a husband (Steve McQueen) and wife (Ali McGraw) meet a series of misadventures after a bank heist and the wife's shooting of the mastermind of the robbery who double crossed them. Stars McQueen and McGraw fell in love during the course of the shooting. Walter Hill penned the screenplay. Dir. Sam Peckinpah


John Garfield and Geraldine Fitzgerald in Nobody Lives Forever on July 1

Eddie Muller presents They Live by Night on the July 2 edition of NOIR ALLEY starring Farley Granger and Cathy O'Donnell

Robert Taylor and Charles Laughton in The Bribe on July 3

Robert Ryan and Barbara Stanwyck in Clash by Night on July 5

Fritz Lang's Beyond a Reasonable Doubt plays July 5

Ali MacGraw and Steve McQueen in The Getaway on July 5 and July 15

TCM's 50 Years of Hitchcock commences with The Ring on July 5

Hitchcock's final silent film, The Manxman, on July 6

Hitchcock's talkie breakthrough Blackmail on July 6

Hitchcock's The Skin Game screens July 6

Rich and Strange aka East of Shanghai screens July 6

Janet Leight and Anthony Perkins in Psycho on July 6 and 26

Eleven years before Psycho, Janet Leigh in Act of Violence on July 6

Master cinematographer John Alton lights George Murphy and Ricardo Montalban in Border Incident on July 7

Farley Granger and Cathy O'Donnell in Side Street on July 7

John Alton cinematography at its best in Raw Deal on July 7

Hitchcock's 1934 version of The Man Who Knew Too Much on July 7

Robert Donat and Madeline Carroll on the run in Hitchcock's The 39 Steps on July 7

Cricket-obsessed Basil Radford + Naunton Wayne in The Lady Vanishes on July 7

Robert Hewton and Charles Laughton in Hitchcock's Jamaica Inn on July 7

Eddie Muller presents T-Men on the July 9 edition of NOIR ALLEY

Humphrey Bogart in The Harder They Fall on July 9

Joel McCrea and Laraine Day star in Foreign Correspondent screening July 12

Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine on the set of Hitchcock's Suspicion screening July 12

Robert Cummins and Priscilla Lane in Saboteur on July 13

Jeannne Brooks on the run in Val Lewton's unforgettable The Seventh Victim on July 13

Produced by Val Lewton and directed by Jacques Tourneur, The Leopard Man on July 13

Marsha Hunt and Van Heflin in Kid Glove Killer on July 14

Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt on July 15

Tullulah Bankhead and John Hodiak in Lifeboat on July 14

Salvador Dali-designed dream sequence in Hitchcock's Spellbound starring Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman airing July 14

Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant in Notorious on July 14

Bogart & Bacall in Howard Hawks' To Have and Have Not on July 15


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