Film Noir and Neo Noir on TCM: November 2017

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Wednesday, November 1, 11:00 PM

AFTER THE THIN MAN (1936): In this delightful follow up to The Thin Man, Nick (William Powell) and Nora (Myrna Loy) return to their home in San Francisco determined to rest up from their previous New York adventures, but Nora's snooty family unintentionally embroils them in a murder mystery. Joseph Calleia, Sam Levene, George Zucco and a young Jimmy Stewart add to the fun. Dir. W. S. Van Dyke

Saturday, November 4, 1:00 AM

FRENZY (1972): In this utterly chilling and very violent a sociopathic killer nicknamed "The Necktie Murderer" (Barry Foster) preys on women in contemporary London and the husband of one of his victims (Jon Finch) finds himself unjustly under suspicion for her murder. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

Saturday, November 4, 3:00 PM

BONNIE AND CLYDE (1967): In this critically acclaimed and deeply influential classic, the legendary bank robbers and lovers (Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway) embark on a crime spree during the Depression era Dust Bowl of the 1930s and become folk heroes. The film won two Oscars, Estelle Parsons for Best Actress in a Supporting Role and Burnett Guffey for Best Cinematography, an additional eight nominations. Dir. Arthur Penn

Saturday, November 4, 5:00 PM

THE BIG SLEEP (1946): In Howard Hawks' clever and sophisticated adaptation of Raymond Chandler's novel, private eye Philip Marlowe's (Humphrey Bogart) investigates the involvement of an opium addled (and nymphomaniacal) society girl (Martha Vickers) in the murder of a pornographer. He also has to determine if her sister (Lauren Bacall) is helping or hindering him. Dir. Howard Hawks

Saturday, November 4, 9:30 PM

THE WOMAN ON PIER 13 (1950): Communists blackmail a shipping executive (Robert Ryan), previously a communist agitator, into sabotaging labor talks involving the union and shipping management. Dir. Robert Stevenson


Sunday, November 5, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

SPLIT SECOND (1953): In this tense thriller, escaped convicts hold hostages in a ghost town that's the target of a nuclear bomb test. One of the cons (Stephen McNally) falls for one of the one of the hostages (Alexis Smith) and things get even tenser. Dir. Dick Powell

Monday, Nov. 6, 3:00 AM — 5:00 PM

Falcon Marathon

3:00 AM

THE GAY FALCON (1942): Gay Lawrence (George Sanders), the debonair sleuth known as "The Falcon," foresakes his crime-solving and skirt-chasing efforts for a Wall Street brokerage in order to appease his fiancée, Elinor Benford (Anne Hunter). However, it doesn't last. The police arrest his assistant Goldy (Allen Jenkins) and he has to find the real culprit. Legendary noir cinematographer Nicholas Musuraca lensed the film. Dir. Irving Reis

4:15 AM

A DATE WITH THE FALCON (1941): Gentleman detective Gay Lawrence (George Sanders) has 12 hours to find a cache of synthetic diamonds and still make it to the airport in time to travel for a visit with the family of his long suffering fiancée, Elinor Benford (Anne Hunter). Dir. Irving Reis

5:30 AM

THE FALCON TAKES OVER (1942): The Falcon (George Sanders) replaces Phillip Marlowe in this adaptation of Raymond Chandler's pulp classic, Farewell, My Lovely. The Falcon still has his sidekick Goldy (Allen Jenkins) and his friend on the force, Inspector Mike O'Hare (James Gleason). Ward Bond co-stars as Moose Malloy. Dir. Irving Reis

6:45 AM

THE FALCON'S BROTHER (1942): Gay Lawrence, aka "The Falcon," investigate his brother Tom's apparent suicide with the help of his sidekick Lefty (Don Barclay). He uncovers a Nazi plot along the way. Gay and Tom are portrayed by real life brothers George Sanders and Tom Conway. Look for Keye Luke in a small part. Dir. Stanley Long

8:00 AM

THE FALCON STRIKES BACK (1943): Tom Lawrence (Tom Conway) aka "The Falcon" is arrested for the theft of $250,000 in war bonds and the murder of a bank official. He escapes to find the real culprit. Helmed by the noir icon Edward Dmytryk whose credits include Murder, My Sweet (1944), Crossfire (1947) Cornered (1945), and The Sniper (1952). Dir. Edward Dmytryk

9:15 AM

THE FALCON IN DANGER (1943): The daughter of an industrialist appeals to "The Falcon" (Tom Conway) for help when her father is kidnapped. Dir. William Clemens

10:30 AM

THE FALCON AND THE CO-EDS (1944): Tom Lawrence (Tom Conway) aka "The Falcon" investigates the murder of a professor at the Blue Cliff Seminary for Girls. Look for Dorothy Malone as one of the co-eds. Dir. William Clemens

11:45 AM

THE FALCON OUT WEST (1944): Tom Lawrence (Tom Conway) aka "The Falcon" travels to Texas to investigate the murder of Tex Irwin by rattle snake bite in a New York nightclub. Dir. William Clemens

1:00 PM

THE FALCON IN MEXICO (1944): Tom Lawrence (Tom Conway) aka "The Falcon" travels South of the border to investigate an art dealer's murder, because he's been framed for it. Olé! Dir. William Berke

2:15 PM

THE FALCON IN HOLLYWOOD (1944): Tom Lawrence (Tom Conway) aka "The Falcon" takes a vacation in Los Angeles and winds up investigating the murder of an actor. Dir. Gordon Douglas

3:30 PM

THE FALCON IN SAN FRANCISCO (1945): Tom Lawrence (Tom Conway) aka "The Falcon" travels to San Francisco and, of course, there's a murder on the train. When he arrives in the City by the Bay, he's arrested for kidnapping a little girl whose nurse was the murder victim. He has to solve the murder and rescue the child. Helmed by noir auteur Joseph H. Lewis whose credits include My Name is Julia Ross (1945), Gun Crazy (1950), and The Big Combo (1950). Dir. Joseph H. Lewis

Monday, November 6, 11:00 PM

CROSSFIRE (1947): In this seminal noir, an upright district attorney (Robert Young) investigates a seemingly motiveless murder. As he digs further the prime suspect (George Cooper) seems less and less likely to have done it and an ugly motivation begins to appear. Robert Mitchum and Robert Ryan play a couple of GIs caught up in the case, one trying to clear the suspect and the other trying to frame him. Gloria Grahame earned a best supporting actress nomination for her role as an embittered taxi dancer. Dir. Edward Dmytryk

Wednesday, November 8, 11:00 PM

CALL NORTHSIDE 777 (1948): In this fact based film noir, a Chicago journalist (Jimmy Stewart) crusades to overturn the false conviction of a man (Richard Conte) serving a life sentence for a policeman's murder. Director: Henry Hathaway


Sunday, November 12, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

THE WINDOW (1949): A young boy (Bobby Driscoll) with a penchant for telling tall tales overhears a murder while sleeping alone on a fire escape. Of course, no one believes him except the murderers (Paul Stewart and Ruth Roman) who ruthlessly hunt him down. This excellent adaptation of a Cornell Woolrich story will keep you on the edge of your seat. Dir. Ted Tetzlaff

Sunday, November 12, 2:45 PM

BULLITT (1968): When mobsters kill the witness Frank Bullitt (Steve McQueen) was assigned to protect, he uses unorthodox methods to investigate the case. Beautiful San Francisco location work and a breathtaking car chase sequence add additional pleasure to watching this fine neo-noir. Dir. Peter Yates

Monday, November 13, 5:00 PM

FORCE OF EVIL (1948): A crooked lawyer (John Garfield) tries to protect his numbers running brother (Thomas Gomez) from a ruthless crime boss (Roy Roberts), only to be destroyed by a citywide system of graft and corruption. Noir siren Marie Windsor spices up the proceeding as the racketeer's flirtatious wife. Dir. Abraham Polonsky

Monday, November 13, 8:15 PM

THE RACKET (1951): A tough cop, Captain Thomas McQuigg (Robert Mitchum), has to fight both his superiors and a corrupt system in order to battle the mob. His mobster nemesis Nick Scanlon (Robert Ryan) is also battling his own superiors, as well as McQuigg. They object to his old style violent tactics. McQuigg uses Nick's brother Joe Scanlon (Brett King) and his lover and singer Irene Hayes (Lizabeth Scott) as a cat's paw to get to Nick. Dir. John Cromwell

Tuesday, November 14, 12:00 AM

THE NAKED CITY (1948): A step-by-step look at a murder investigation on the streets of New York. Barry Fitzgerald plays the compassionate cop on the trail of a murder in this groundbreaking police procedural. Watch for noir regular and radio's Sam Spade, Howard Duff as the murdered girl's sleazy boyfriend. Dir. Jules Dassin

Tuesday, November 14, 8:30 AM

CORNERED (1945): Dick Powell stars as a World War II vet out to revenge the murder of his wife who died fighting for the French Resistance. He suspects the man who ordered the execution of her and her comrades faked his own death. He sets out to find him. For my two cents, Powell gives his best acting performance as the physically and psychologically wounded vet. Dir. Edward Dmytryk

Tuesday, November 14, 3:15 PM

MURDER, MY SWEET (1944): The film that graduated Dick Powell from romantic musical lead to noir tough guy. Raymond Chandler's detective and knight errant, Philip Marlowe's (Powell) search for a singer name Velma, leads him through a tangled web of blackmail and murder. Along the way, he finds himself embroiled with a wealthy man's unscrupulous gold-digging wife (Claire Trevor) and the step-daughter that despises her (Anne Shirley). Mike Mazurki gives a standout performance as the mentally challenged and extremely physically powerful ex-con that hires Marlowe to find Velma. "Cute as pants." Dir. Edward Dmytryk

Tuesday, November 14, 5:00 PM

HE RAN ALL THE WAY (1951): John Garfield plays a desperate criminal on the run from a robbery that ended with a shooting. He takes refuge in the family apartment of a naïve young woman (Shelley Winters). She falls in love with him, complicating further a tense hostage situation. Dir. John Berry

Wednesday, November 15, 5:15 AM

GUN CRAZY (1949): In this justly famous noir, a gun obsessed reform school graduate (John Dall) meets the girl of his dreams, a circus sharp shooter (Peggy Cummins). They get married in a fever, but she gets fed up living without the finer things of life. The two go on a crime spree, but her blood lust had fatal consequences. Dir. Joseph H. Lewis

Wednesday, November 15, 5:15 AM

Star of the Month:
Jimmy Stewart's Dark Side

3:00 PM

ROPE (1948): Two wealthy and louche pseudo-intellectuals (John Dahl and Farley Granger) murder a friend in a Nietzschean demonstration of will and folly. Then they throw a party inviting the victim's friends, family and their old school teacher (Jimmy Stewart) who begins to suspect something odd when the guest of honor doesn't arrive for his own party. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

5:00 PM

VERTIGO (1958): An old friend hires ex-cop Scotty (Jimmy Stewart) to follow his beautiful but emotionally disturbed wife (Kim Novak) through the gorgeously shot streets of San Francisco. Stewart gives an intensely dark performance as Scotty spirals further and further into romantic obsession. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

7:30 PM

ANATOMY OF A MURDER (1959): In this drily witty courtroom drama, based on real events, a small-town lawyer (James Stewart) more interested in fishing and playing the piano then practicing law gets the case of a lifetime when he defends a soldier (Ben Gazzara) accused of murdering the man who beat and raped his flirtatious wife (Lee Remick). Eve Arden once again does a lot with a small part as his long suffering secretary. Duke Ellington composed the jazz score. Dir. Otto Preminger

Saturday, November 18, 5:00 PM

REAR WINDOW (1954): A wheelchair-bound photographer passes the time of his disability by spying on his neighbors. One day he witnesses a murder. Or does he? This iconic mystery was adapted from a story by Cornell Woolrich and earned a Best Writing, Screenplay Oscar nomination for screenwriter John Michael Hayes. The film earned three more Oscar nods for Best Director, Best Cinematography, Color and Best Sound, Recording. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock


Sunday, November 19, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

NIGHT AND THE CITY (1950): Richard Widmark gives the performance of a lifetime as desperate small time hustler Harry Fabian. Stranded in London, he dreams of the big score that will deliver him out of the bush league. He attempts to break into professional wrestling as a promoter with tragic results. Gene Tierney plays, quite impressively, his long suffering girlfriend and chronic mark. Adapted from the novel by Gerald Kersh. Dir. Jules Dassin

Monday, November 20, 11:00 PM

RIFIFI (1954): Four thieves (Jean Servais, Carl Möhner, Robert Manuel and Jules Dassin) plan a daring jewelry heist, expertly shot in complete silence by blacklisted director Jules Dassin. A woman proves their downfall or really a man's desire to impress a woman leads to their undoing. Dir. Jules Dassin

Tuesday, November 21, 1:15 AM

THE BIG NIGHT (1951): A young man (John Barrymore Jr.) spends his 17th birthday night seeking revenge on the man who humiliated his father (Preston Foster) in front of him. Dir. Joseph Losey

Tuesday, November 21, 9:45 AM

JEOPARDY (1953): A suburban house wife (Barbara Stanwyck) on holiday in rural Mexico with her son and husband, desperately seeks help. Her husband is trapped in pilings on the shore of the ocean and the tide is coming in. She encounters an escaped criminal (Ralph Meeker) and will do anything in exchange for his aid. "How long has it been since you talked to a woman?" Dir. John Sturges

Tuesday, November 21, 10:30 PM

ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW (1959): Desperation forces a racist ex-con, the always great and always scary Robert Ryan, and a black gambler (Harry Belafonte) to plan a bank robbery together. Loads of tension ensues. Gloria Grahame and Shelly Winters co-star. Dir. Robert Wise

Wednesday, November 22, 10:15 AM

THE F.B.I. STORY (1959): A dedicated FBI agent (Jimmy Stewart) thinks back on the agency's battles against the Klan, organized crime and Communist spies. Dir. Mervyn LeRoy

Wed., Nov, 22, 11:15 PM—3:30 AM

Jimmy Stewart Teams Up with the Master of Suspense

11:15 PM

REAR WINDOW (1954): A wheelchair-bound photographer passes the time of his disability by spying on his neighbors. One day he witnesses a murder. Or does he? This iconic mystery was adapted from a story by Cornell Woolrich and earned a Best Writing, Screenplay Oscar nomination for screenwriter John Michael Hayes. The film earned three more Oscar nods for Best Director, Best Cinematography, Color and Best Sound, Recording. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

1:15 AM

THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (1956): A family vacationing in Morocco accidentally stumble on to an assassination plot and the conspirators are determined to prevent them from interfering. Jay Livingston and Ray Evans garnered the Oscar for Best Music, Original Song for the film's song "Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)".Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

Saturday, November 25, 7:00 AM

THE BAD SEED (1956): "What will you give me for a basket of kisses?" Based on the stage play adapted from the brilliant novel by William March, Army wife Christine (Nancy Kelly) suspects that her seemingly perfect little girl Rhoda (Patty McCormack) is a ruthless killer. Eileen Heckart shines in her Oscar nominated supporting role as the alcoholic mother of one of Rhoda's victims. This truly terrifying film will make you look twice at all cute little blonde girls. Kelly and McCormack as well as cinematographer Harold Rosson were nominated for Oscars as well as Heckart. Dir. Mervyn LeRoy


Sunday, November 26, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (1951): Childlike but charming psychopath Bruno (Robert Walker) suggests that he and Guy (Farley Granger), a tennis player with political ambitions, crisscross murders. Unfortunately, Guy realizes too late that Bruno wasn't joking. Guy's unwanted wife shows up murdered and he has no alibi. Screenplay by Raymond Chandler and Czenzi Ormonde. D.P. Robert Burks' outstanding work earned an Oscar nomination for Best Cinematography, Black-and-White. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

Monday, November 27, 10:45 AM

DARK PASSAGE (1947): Adapted from a story by David Goodis, this noir follows convicted wife murderer Vincent Parry's (Humphrey Bogart) escape from jail and subsequent hunt for the real killer of his wife. Sympathetic stranger Irene (Lauren Bacall) encounters him during his jail break and aids him. Agnes Moorehead steals the show as Irene's shrewish friend who knew Vincent and his wife prior to the murder. Dir. Delmer Daves

Tuesday, November 28, 12:45 AM

EDGE OF THE CITY (1957): A black stevedore, (Sidney Poitier) and a white army deserter, (John Cassavetes) forge a deep bond while attempting to stand up to union corruption. Jack Warden co-stars as their abusive boss. Dir. Martin Ritt

November noir commences with After the Thin Man starring Myrna Loy and William Powell

Hitchcock's penultimate film Frenzy screens November 4

Warren Beatty in Bonnie and Clyde on November 4

Bogie & Bacall star in The Big Sleep, on November 4

Eddie Muller presents Split Second on the November 5 edition of NOIR ALLEY

Tom Conway and George Sanders in The Falcon's Brother on November 6

Gloria Grahame in Crossfire on November 6

Richard Conte and James Stewart in Call Northside 777 on November 8

Bobby Driscoll stars in the spectacularly shot The Window on the November 12 edition of NOIR ALLEY

Late 60's San Francisco captured in Bullit starring Steve McQueen on November 12

Blacklisted director Abraham Polonsky's Force of Evil starring John Garfield on November 13

Robert Ryan and Robert Mitchum on the set of The Racket on November 13

Dick Powell in Edward Dmytryk's Cornered on November 14

John Garfield and Shelley Winters in He Ran All the Way on November 14

Paul Muni stars in Howard Hawks' 1932 Scarface on November 14

Peggy Cummins and John Dahl in Gun Crazy on Noember 15

Farley Granger and John Dahl in Hitchcock's Rope on November 15

Lee Remick and James Stewart in Otto Preminger's Anatomy of a Murder on November 15

Dassin's Night and the City starring Richard Widmark on the November 19 edition of NOIR ALLEY

Jules Dassin's suspense-filled masterpiece, Rififi, on November 20

John Barrymore, Jr. stars in Joseph Losey's rarely screened Big Night on November 21

Robert Ryan on the set of Odds against Tomorrow screening November 21

Ralph Meeker and Barbara Stanwyck in Jeopardy on November 21

Jimmy Stewart in The F.B.I. Story on November 22

Patty McCormack and badgering Henry Jones in The Bad Seed screening November 25

Top-notch Hitchcock: Strangers on a Train on the November 26 edition of NOIR ALLEY

Agnes Moorehead unforgettable in Dark Passage on November 27

John Cassavetes and Sidney Poitier in Edge of the City screening November 28

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