Film Noir and Neo Noir on TV: April 2015

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Monday, April 1, 1:30 AM

ELEVATOR TO THE GALLOWS (1958) Aka L'Ascenseur pour l'échafaud: War hero Julien's (Maurice Ronet) plan to murder his mistress' (Jeanne Moreau) husband goes awry. Meanwhile, two teenagers steal his car and have a strange adventure. Jazz great Miles Davis created the film's memorable score. Dir. Louis Malle

Saturday, April 4, 5:00 PM —11:15 PM

Three Fantastic Female Noir Performances

5:00 PM

WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION (1958): A British lawyer (Charles Laughton) gets caught up in a couple's tangled marital affairs when he defends the husband for murder. Laughton's wife Elsa Lanchester plays the nurse trying to keep him on his diet and off the cigars and brandy. This first rate film features both one of Tyrone Power's and one of Marlene Dietrich's best performances Based on the play written by Agatha Christie, adapted from her own short story. Dir. Billy Wilder

7:15 PM

LAURA (1944): In this film noir based on the Vera Caspary novel, dedicated detective Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews) investigates the death of the beautiful Laura (Gene Tierney), brutally gunned down at the door of her flat. As he interviews her friends and lovers, a complicated portrait of her emerges and he finds himself falling for her. Clifton Webb and Vincent Price give outstanding performances as two bickering rivals for Laura's affections. Dir. Otto Preminger

9:00 PM

KLUTE (1971) Small town detective John Klute (Donald Sutherland) journeys to the Big Apple to search for a missing friend. He has only one lead: an obscene letter from the man to New York City prostitute Bree Daniels (Jane Fonda). He unravels both the mystery of the missing man and of the call girl. Fonda won a well-deserved Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of the disturbed and disturbing Bree. Dir. Alan J. Pakula

Monday, April 06, 10:45 PM—2:30 AM

Jane Russell Noir
Double Feature

10:45 PM

MACAO (1952): Drifter Nick Cochran (Robert Mitchum) in the Far East is mistaken for an undercover cop by a ruthless gangster who plans an elaborate trap to kill him. An American salesman (William Bendix), a beautiful singer (Jane Russell) and the gangster's sexy moll (Gloria Grahame) make plenty of trouble for him too. Dir. Josef von Sternberg

12:15 AM

HIS KIND OF WOMAN (1951): In this self-parodying noir, Robert Mitchum plays a drifter who accepts an offer for a job in Mexico that proves to be too good to be true. A beautiful singer posing as an heiress (Jane Russell) and the target of her con, a hammy Hollywood actor (Vincent Price), complicate matters for him. Dir. John Farrow

Tuesday, April 07, 11:00 PM— 4:00 AM

Bogie & Bacall Mini-Marathon

11:00 PM

BACALL ON BOGART (1988): Lauren Bacall hosts this extraordinary documentary on her life on- and off-screen with her late husband, Humphrey Bogart. The pair made several seminal noirs together Howard Hawks' The Big Sleep (1946), Delmer Daves' Dark Passage (1947) and John Huston's Key Largo (1948). Bogart also starred in the film noir that started the genre, John Huston's The Maltese Falcon (1939). Dir. David Heeley

12:30 AM

TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT (1944): Watch Bogie and Baby fall in love on and off the screen in this classic adventure tale. A skipper-for-hire's romance (Humphrey Bogart) with a beautiful drifter and bar singer (Lauren Bacall) is complicated by his growing involvement with the French resistance. Walter Brennan plays the drunken first mate, and Hoagie Carmichael plays Bacall's accompanist. Dir. Howard Hawks

2:15 AM

KEY LARGO (1948): A returning veteran (Humphrey Bogart) tangles with a ruthless gangster (Edward G. Robinson) during a hurricane while falling for his dead war buddy's widow (Lauren Bacall). Claire Trevor steals the film with her Oscar winning performance as the gangster's alcoholic and emotionally abused girlfriend. Dir. John Huston

Wednesday, April 8, 11:00 AM

BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING (1965): In this 1960's post noir, based on the novel by Evelyn Piper, a distraught mother (Carol Lynley) searches for her daughter, while the police, led by a seasoned detective (Laurence Olivier), question the girl's very existence. Is she just a figment of the woman's imagination? Noël Coward and Kier Dullea play Ann's lecherous landlord and brother respectively. Dir. Otto Preminger

Sunday, April 12, 5:00 PM

LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME (1955): Engrossing musical bio (from an Oscar-winning story by Daniel Fuchs) of Jazz age singer Ruth Etting (Doris Day), whose life and career were dominated by gangster Marty 'The Gimp' Snyder, (James Cagney). Ruth's musical advisor Johnny Alderman (Cameron Mitchell) attempts repeatedly to persuade Ruth to leave her abusive relationship. Dir. Charles Vidor.

Monday, April 13, 11:15 PM—3:00 AM

Crazy Love Double Bill

11:15 PM

DOG DAY AFTERNOON (1975): In New York city, a bank robbery turns into a media circus when a man (Al Pacino) tries to steal enough money for his lover's (Chris Sarandon) sex change operation and takes the bank's employees hostage. Dir. Sidney Lumet

1:30 AM

GUN CRAZY  (1949): In this justly famous noir, a gun obsessed reform school graduate (John Dall) meets the girl of his dreams, a circus sharp shooter (Peggy Cummins). They get married in a fever, but she gets fed up living without the finer things of life. The two go on a crime spree, but her blood lust had fatal consequences. Dir. Joseph H. Lewis

Tuesday, April 14, 5:00 PM—3:30 AM

Robert Osborne's 20th
Anniversary Picks

Here are the noirs...

6:00 PM

NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959): Foreign agents mistake suave and swinging advertising man Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) for a spy. He takes it on the lam and encounters a beautiful blonde (Eva Marie Saint) who may or may not be trusted. This film earned 3 Oscar nominations: Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color; Best Writing, Story and Screenplay - Written Directly for the Screen; and Best Film Editing Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

11:30 PM

HARPER (1966): In this neo-noir, soon to be divorced private eye (Paul Newman) sets out to find the missing millionaire husband for his crippled wife (Lauren Bacall). The trail leads to a religious cult and a kidnapping plot. Janet Leigh plays his estranged wife whom Harper still loves. Dir. Jack Smight

Thursday, April 16, 1:30 PM

THE WOMAN ON THE BEACH (1947): A shell shocked coastguardsman (Robert Ryan) falls for a married woman (Joan Bennett) trapped in a loveless marriage to a renowned artist that she accidently blinded during a drunken fight. He begins to suspect that her husband (Charles Bickford) may actually be able to see. Dir. Jean Renoir

Saturday, April 18, 3:00 AM

STAGE FRIGHT (1950): Jane Wyman maybe the star of the film, but Marlene Dietrich walks away with it. Wyman plays a mousey RADA student out to clear her crush, Jonathan (Richard Todd) suspected of murdering the husband of a glamorous actress-singer (Dietrich). Things get complicated when she falls for the detective, "Ordinary" Smith (Michael Wilding) who is searching for Jonathan. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

Sunday, April 19, 5:00 AM

NO ORCHIDS FOR MISS BLANDISH (1948): Based on the notoriously lurid novel by James Hadley Chase, a kidnapped heiress (Linden Travers) develops a fatal attraction to the leader of the gang (Jack La Rue) who abducted her on her wedding night. Dir. St. John Legh Clowes

Sunday, April 19, 9:00 AM

D.O.A. (1950): This classic and rather convoluted noir tells the tale of a victim of a slow-acting poison (Edmond O'Brien) who tracks down his own killer. Existential doom and great San Francisco locations abound. Dir. Rudolph Mate

Sunday, April 19, 10:30 AM

IN COLD BLOOD (1967) Bleak adaptation of Truman Capote's ground breaking true crime book. Two men (Robert Blake and Scott Wilson) brutally murder a small town Kansas family, thinking that ten thousand dollars is hidden in the house. They flee with the forty-three dollars they actually found and the FBI hunts them. Dir. Richard Brooks

Sunday, April 19, 3:15 PM

THE THIRD MAN (1949): This fantastic film about a naive American writer (Joseph Cotton) investigating the death of his friend (Orson Welles) in post-World War II Vienna never loses its impact no matter how many times you watch it. "Like the fella says, in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love - they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock." Director of Photography Robert Krasker won the Oscar for Best Cinematography, Black-and-White for the film. Dir. Carol Reed

Monday, April 20, 5:00 PM—3:00 AM

Hitching a Ride Marathon

Here are the noirs...

5:00 PM

KISS ME DEADLY (1955): In this terrific apocalyptic film noir, a vain and corrupt Mike Hammer (Ralph Meeker) tries to solve the murder of a beautiful hitchhiker (Cloris Leachman) whom he had picked up one night on lonely road after she escaped from a mental institution. Mobsters, a corrupt psychiatrist, women and a mysterious package complicate things for him. Dir. Robert Aldrich

7:00 PM

THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT (1940): Truck driver Joe Fabrini (George Raft) finds himself the victim of sexual harassment by his boss's amorous wife (Ida Lupino) in a movie stealing performance. When Joe refuses her advances, she murders her husband and then tries to frame him for it. Humphrey Bogart portrays Raft's brother and trucking partner. Dir. Raoul Walsh

10:45 PM

KNIFE IN THE WATER (1962): Sports writer Andrzej and his beautiful wife Christine pick up a hitchhiker on their way to the lake. Andrzej asks the young man to join them on a sailing trip. The men develop a deadly rivalry during a boating weekend that extends to Christine. Dir. Roman Polanski

12:30 AM

DETOUR (1946): A hitchhiker (Tom Neal) takes on a dead man's identity only to face blackmail by an unscrupulous woman (Ann Savage) - possibly the meanest woman in the history of cinema. Dir. Edgar G. Ulmer

1:45 AM

THE HITCH-HIKER (1953): In this gripping suspense piece, a murderous madman (William Talman) on the lam from the law kidnaps two businessmen (Edmond O'Brien and Frank Lovejoy) on a hunting trip. Dir. Ida Lupino

Friday, April 24, 7:00 PM

NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959): Foreign agents mistake suave and swinging advertising man Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) for a spy. He takes it on the lam and encounters a beautiful blonde (Eva Marie Saint) who may or may not be trusted. This film earned 3 Oscar nominations: Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color; Best Writing; Best Film Editing; and Story and Screenplay -Written Directly for the Screen. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

Monday, April 27, 9:15 PM

NIGHT MOVES (1975): An aging actress hires football player turned P.I. Harry (Gene Hackman) to find her sexually precocious teenager daughter (Melanie Griffith). He traces her to Florida where he also finds trouble in the shape of a beautiful woman (Jennifer Warren) and a criminal conspiracy. Dir. Arthur Penn

Wednesday, April 29, 5:00 PM—3:45 AM

Fixing the Fight Marathon

5:45 PM

THE HARDER THEY FALL (1956): A cynical press agent (Humphrey Bogart) tempted by the money, goes to work as a P.R. flak for the corrupt manager of a naïve boxer. He then must decide between the dough and exposing the inhuman conditions rife in the boxing game. Dir. Mark Robson

8:45 PM

THE SET-UP (1949): An aging boxer (Robert Ryan) defies the gangsters who've ordered him to throw his last fight, believing that he can still be a champ. Audrey Totter plays his devoted wife who begs him to retire from boxing before he's destroyed. Dir. Robert Wise

Wednesday, April 29, 6:45 PM

THE NAKED STREET (1955): A racketeer (Anthony Quinn) rescues his sister's (Ann Bancroft) impregnator (Farley Granger) from the electric chair, in order to save her from a fate worse than death, unwed motherhood. Quinn, of course, lives to regret it. Dir. Maxwell Shane

Wednesday, April 29, 12:30 PM

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, U.S.A. (1959): This updated version of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's transplants the story to Los Angeles. A law student (George Hamilton) murders and old woman believing his intellectual abilities place him above the law. A dogged police detective (Frank Silvera) proves him wrong. Dir. Denis Sanders

Thursday, April 30, 5:15 AM—5:00 PM

Guys Named Johnny

Here are the noirs...

5:15 AM

JOHNNY EAGER (1942): A handsome racketeer (Robert Taylor) seduces the D.A.'s daughter (Lana Turner) for revenge, but then falls in love with her. Edward Arnold plays the D.A. Sharp eyed viewers will recognize this as one of the films used in Carl Reiner's noir parody Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982). Dir. Mervyn LeRoy

8:45 AM

JOHNNY ANGEL (1946): A sailor (George Raft) finds his father's ship abandoned and his father murdered. He returns to port and sets out to investigate. He encounters a couple of beautiful women (Claire Trevor and Signe Hasso) as well as a complicated plot, along the way. Dir. Edwin L. Marin

10:15 AM

JOHNNY O'CLOCK (1947): Gambling hall manager Dick Powell gets mixed up with a cop on the take, leading to murder and mystery. Evelyn Keyes plays the sister of his recently murdered hat check girl. Dir. Robert Rossen

3:15 PM

JOHNNY COOL (1963): In this rather bizarre late period noir, Harry Silva stars as a Sicilian bandit given a new identity by an exiled mobster. The mobster offers to make him his heir in exchange for killing the men back in the states who betrayed him. Things get weird when the newly christened Johnny Cool meets a sexy divorcee, Elizabeth Montgomery. Dir. William Asher

Jeanne Moreau and Miles Davis publicize Elevator to the Gallows, airing April 1;

One of Marlene Dietrich's finest performances with an all-star cast in Witness for the Prosecution on April 4;

Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell in His Kind of Woman on April 6;

Claire Trevor's Oscar-winning performance in Key Largo featured April 7;

In a breakaway performance Doris Day in the clutches of Jimmy Cagney in Love Me or Leave Me on April 12;

Director Otto Preminger and actor Noël Coward on the set of Bunny Lake Is Missing screening on April 8;

John Dall and Peggy Cummins, criminal lovers on the run in Gun Crazy on April 13;

Eva Marie Saint and Cary Grant in Hitchcock's classic North by Northwest on April 14;

Robert Ryan and Joan Bennet in Jean Renoir's The Woman on the Beach on April 16;

Jane Wyman and Marlene Dietrich in Hitchcock's Stage Fright on April 18;

Jack La Rue in brit-noir No Orchids for Miss Blandish on April 19;

D.O.A. starring Edmond O'Brien races against the clock in mid-century San Francisco on April 19;

Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles find themselves in a post-WWII Vienna in The Third Man on April 19;

Ralpha Meeker stars in Kiss Me Deadly screening April 20;

Roman Polanski's Knife in the Water on April 20;

Tom Neal and Ann Savage unforgettable in Detour screening April 20;

Gene Hackman and Melanie Griffith in Night Moves on April 27;

Robert Ryan and Audrey Totter in The Set-Up on April 29;

George Hamilton and Frank Silvera in Crime and Punishment U.S.A. airs April 29.

Dick Powell and Evelyn Keyes in Robert Rossen's Johnny O'Clock on April 30.

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